Society Objectives

Great Canadian Plains Railway Society Objectives


  1. To tell and promote the story of the railway in Southern Alberta region from the late 1800’s to the 1930’s
  2. To recognize the significant contribution made by Sir Alexander Galt & the Canadian Pacific Railway in developing the Southern Alberta Region
  3. To honour is responsibilities as a steward charged with the public trust by preserving, restoring, presentation, interpreting, and maintaining the artefacts & cultural property under its social stewardship
  4. To develop an aggressive public relations program and purse effective marketing strategies to increase public awareness among, and to attract Lethbridge and surrounding area residents & other visitors
  5. To be always hospitable and friendly to visitors, and to ensure that volunteers will always be helpful, informed, and enthusiastic to share their knowledge and insights
  6. To ensure that heritage exhibits are authentically restored, that interpretive programs are of the highest possible quality, and that both faithfully respect the integrity of the period depicted
  7. To invest in and encourage its volunteer resources, & help them to achieve both their full potential and the highest standards of performance possible
  8. To welcome the involvement of all Lethbridge and surrounding area residents, and to always be responsive to the interest & needs of the community
  9. To be committed to the efficient & effective use of all contributions of financial support (government grants, private donations, etc) and other resources (donation of materials, equipment, labour, etc)
  10. To develop interpretive talks, PowerPoint presentations, films/video, exhibits (static displays), and other educational programs for interested individuals and groups that would explain the significance which Sir Alexander Galt and his company, the Northwest Navigation & Coal Company, and later on the Canadian Pacific Railway played in the development of Southern Alberta
  11. To periodically develop new programs, as appropriate, to enhance displays & exhibits
  12. To gather and publish stories & photos from individuals who worked on the railways
  13. To pursue association with similar minded organizations and museums, and
  14. To endeavour to exercise leadership by avoiding duplication & destructive competition, and to encourage synergism, and cooperation within the North American railway historical preservation movement