Please enjoy these photographs of the Galt Historic Railway Park


100_4417.jpg - Donated Railcars being brought over CPR High Level Trestle, Lethbridge - March 2012100_5161.jpg - Mike Sawchyn decides to accompany Lanny Aitkens, for a speeder ride to the end of track. Aug BBQ 2012 - Bill Hillen Photo100_5202.jpg - With the last remaining speeder attached with proper links, the set wait for the nest happy rail fans to enjoy the trip, July 2012 - Bill Hillen Photoc97-100_5094.jpg - Earl Stamm tries out the just restored tractor and rotary cutter, Lanny Aitkens observes his picture being taken, offers to give autograph! June 2012 - Bill Hillen Photo100_4798.jpg - Slabs and piles reinforced for the final support for the rail coaches to be placed on. Nov. 2011 - Bill Hillen Photo100_4799.jpg - Craning wheel set onto truck to be shipped to other non for profit group, November 2011 - Bill Hillen Photo100_5003.jpg - Aggie Days display by volunteers at Exhibition Park. Mike Sawchyn provided his restored speeder and trailer, Stan Forcezk talks about the steam days of railway.  March 2012 - Bill Hillen Photo  100_5047.jpg - Group of rail fans head out on speeder ride, Father's Day June 2012 - Bill Hillen Photo100_5056.jpg - Society Members who worked the Fathers Day event take a ride on the restored speeders, June 2012 - Bill Hillen Photo100_5088.jpg - He said she said, Stan Forcezk makes a point with his finger, Lanny point out the finer aspect of Stans comments, with Earl looking on - Bill Hillen Photo  100_5172.jpg - View of site on rail from east end, on the left if picnic shelter, restorable speeder, garden, cattle car and caboose. July 2012 - Bill Hillen Photo100_6271.jpg - After much hard work, Earl Stamm finished repairing the caboose roof, June 2012 - Bill Hillen PhotoP19760237031jpg.jpg - P19760237031 – Ab. Railway & Irrigation Co. Station at Coutts / Sweetgrass - 1908 (Galt Museum P19760234044jpg.jpg - P19760234044 – Great Falls & Canada Railway Station at Coutts / Sweetgrass - 1908 (Galt Museum 06.jpg - Station at Coutts / Sweetgrass - 1912022_22.JPG - View of Commemerative Site Plaque erected in 200501.jpg - View towards the west05.jpg - 05.jpg13.jpg - 13.jpg18.jpg - 18.jpg27.jpg - View towards the east14.jpg - Our Gift Shop!02.jpg - Waiting Room07.jpg - An historic lamp09.jpg - Waiting Room Kitchenstan resting.JPG19.jpg - Our Gift Shop!20.jpg - Our Gift Shop!22.jpg - Jail Cells23.jpg - Station Master Office24.jpg - American End - ready for Victorian Prairie Christmas!25.jpg - 25.jpg26.jpg - 26.jpg10.jpg - Marian Hillen manning the counter!28.jpg - 28.jpg29.jpg - 29.jpg31.jpg - 31.jpg32.jpg - 32.jpg33.jpg - 33.jpg11.jpg - 11.jpg